Leading Through Adversity (LTA) is designed and developed for today's leaders. The leader of today has been placed in an environment that sets them up to fail. We live in a world where people that have never led a day in their life are considered experts on leadership. In today's leadership environment leaders are no longer allowed to lead by what is right, but by what is popular or by those making the most noise. Here at LTA we will share with you the truth about leadership and show you the Leader how to ignore the noise and do what is right because it is the right thing to do. Leadership is not easy, and it won’t make you popular if you’re doing it right. Leadership will make you one of the most criticized and hated people in your organization. Leaders don't lead, to be liked they lead because they can live with the fact that they may not be liked based on making the right decision, not the popular one. "Leadership is based on your perception. A true